The GDPR brings together the various data breach notifications across Europe with the aim of improving security and monitoring of data breaches. The regulation requires the local data protection authority be notified of a data breaches within 72 hours.

This means organisations need to have the processes and technologies in place for the following:

  • Be able to detect a breach, so you can remediate, respond and notify the authorities to avoid fines and minimise damage
  • Ensure personal data is identifiable and appropriately secured
  • Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments where privacy breach risks are high to minimise risks
  • Training for employees around internal data policies

Our event was solely focused on the issues that GDPR brings to light around personal data protection and breaches. We discussed the current challenges facing organisations and show ways in which they can be managed to ensure compliance, limit reputational damage and reducing litigation costs.

Guest speaker – Sue Daley

Sue left the world of political consultancy to join the CBI, in 2002, where she managed the first ever ebusiness council and was senior policy advisor on information security issues. This role sparked her interest in the exciting world of cyber security and led Sue to Symantec, where she was responsible for running the UK and Ireland government relations programme for over five years. She now leads techUK's work on cloud, data, analytics and AI and has been recognised in the UK Big Data 100 as a key influencer in driving forward the Big Data agenda. 

Having worked in cyber security for many years, Sue is perfectly placed to outline how vital data is, how has become a key target for attacks, what the online threat environment looks like today, as well as the changes that the GDPR will bring.

Guest speaker – Stuart Clarke

As Chief Technology Officer, Cybersecurity for Nuix, Stuart an internationally respected information security expert. He has advised the United Nations’ peak cybersecurity body ITU and provided cybersecurity training for over 60 computer emergency response teams. At the event, Stuart will talk about how, with the right approach and tools, initiating a breach investigation need not be daunting. Today, the traditional forensic approach to digital evidence is straining under the ever-increasing volume and variety of data. As a result, investigators often struggle to correlate disparate pieces of information that reveal a bigger more accurate picture. 

The event was aimed at anyone responsible for personal data security, remediating breaches and ensuring compliance.

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