Put simply GDPR is all about protecting personal data.

It is not just about a regulation, but about building an organisational culture around data protection and privacy. This means organisations need to adopt it as part of their business strategy and ensure they are not liable to pay millions in fines. Not only the fines but the reputational damage itself will be irreparable.

During this briefing we looked at ways that businesses can use processes and technology to build a framework to manage their data. This framework needed to take into consideration the previous briefing topics of data requests and data breaches but also the following:

  • Data retention policies, under GDPR you cannot hold data for longer than is necessary
  • What kind of data is held and where is it stored?
  • What is your policy for data encryption, remote access, HR exit procedures or mobile devices?
  • Identify risks and gaps to meet GDPR
  • Are requests for permission to use customer’s personal data clear
  • How will you train your staff to be aware of GDPR requirements

This briefing provided attendees with real examples of how organisations are building their data framework in preparation for GDPR and provide insight into how they can start to prepare.


We also had two comedians on hand to cheer us all up post the session for a 30 minute slot at the end of the seminar, Francis Foster and Julian Deane. Francis is a stand-up comedian who finished runner up in the prestigious NATYS competition and supported Eddie Izzard in his most recent Force Majeure tour. Julian is quite simply one of the finest joke writers in the country and works on programmes like BBC’s Mock the Week.

We had a great line up of speakers:

  • Data protection consultant, Phil Brining from Data Protection People. 
  • Jeremy Lilley who is responsible for techUK's work on Data Protection Policy, talking about the new Data Protection Bill. 
  • Brian Tuemmler, Information Governance Program Architect from Nuix. 
  • And William Richmond-Coggan, GDPR lawyer from legal firm Pitmans.

If you are interested in the presentations please click here.

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