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Why Core to Cloud?

Core to Cloud deliver solutions that help organisations to discover, defend and respond to the latest security threats on the horizon and to also ensure compliance. We bring highly disruptive security and cloud technologies to market. As a business we look at the bigger picture, working hard to understand the business requirements and objectives, to analyse your particular pain points, aligning technology solutions to your specific needs.

Our unique approach

We understand that it can be relatively straightforward to establish where you want to go, but much harder to set the wheels in motion to get you there. Here at Core to Cloud we take you on a journey whether that means recommending a point solution, or looking more holistically at your overall security requirements.

Vendor independence

We pride ourselves on being a different type of solutions provider. Not only do we have depth of industry experience and a strong focus on security, compliance and all things cloud, but we are vendor independent. This means the only agenda we are working on is yours.

Discover, Defend, Respond

First, we take the time to understand your security drivers, then we challenge constructively and stress-test robustly to ensure all is thought through. So whether you are looking for penetration testing and understanding how intruders approach your network, or whether you are looking to understand, find and secure your data and perimeter, or even if you are looking to secure applications, devices and provide incident response – we’ve got it covered!

Secure Cloud

From core on-premise IT security and infrastructure to best-of breed cloud technology, we design and deliver industry leading, enterprise level solutions. We offer one point of contact for UK-based support across all services 24/7/365. We recognise that one size does not fit all, and we work with clients to design bespoke IT solutions.



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