Thursday 12th October 2017

Data loss continues to be a real concern for all organisations; regardless of geography, size, or industry no one is immune. According to Privacy Rights Clearing House, while half of 2014's data breaches involved hacking or malware, unintended disclosure was the second most common cause.


At the same time the work environment has changed enormously in recent years. Businesses today need to secure against data loss - and stay the right side of data protection legislation - while also ensuring their people can be as effective as possible in today's competitive environment.

Sophos' Next-Gen Encryption has been designed specifically to meet these pressing needs. Sophos always-on encryption, instead of the traditional file/folder encryption, removes the burden of deciding what is important and what needs to be encrypted out of end user’s hands.

Our event held at Sophos’ headquarters in Abingdon introduced Sophos Next-Gen Encryption and during the event we talked about protecting data everywhere, automatically. The event was aimed at those responsible for security, remediating breaches and protecting against ever growing threats.

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