We can help you with the following types of penetration testing:

    • Internal and external network testing
    • Web and mobile application testing
    • Wireless network testing
    • Social engineering (physical and electronic)
    • Boutique engagments, e.g. DDoS, APT, embedded device testing, malware, etc.
    • Vulnerability assessment services
    • Full security audit services

    Black Box Testing                                                 

In a black box test, the client does not provide Core to Cloud with information about their infrastructure other than a Wireless Network Name. Core to Cloud is tasked with assessing the environment as if they were an external attacker with no information about the infrastructure or application logic that they are testing. Black box penetration tests provide a simulation of how an attacker without any information, such as an internet hacker, organised crime or a nation or state could present risk to the environment.

White Box Testing

      In a white box test, Core to Cloud is provided with detailed information about the applications and infrastructure. It is common to provide access to architecture documents and to application source code. It is also usual for Core to Cloud to be given access to a range of different credentials within the environment. This strategy will deliver stronger assurance of the application and infrastructure logic. It will provide a simulation of how an attacker with information (employee, etc) could present risk to the environment.

      Grey Box Testing

      A grey box test is a blend of black box testing techniques and white box testing techniques. In grey box testing, clients provide Core to Cloud with snippets of information to help with the testing procedures. This results in a more focused test than in black box testing as well as a reduced time line for the testing engagement. Grey box penetration tests provide an ideal approach for assessing web applications that allow users to login and access data that is specific to their user role, or their account.

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