Security threats are evolving and cyber criminals are innovating quickly with the advent of advanced persistent threats. In response, cyber security is also evolving and this is where the advantages of using the Smarttech247 Security Operation Centre (SOC in a Box) services come into play.

Together at our unique breakfast briefing, Core to Cloud and Smarttech247 talked about the launch of Smarttech247 newest service offering, SOC in a Box which brings advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities to small and medium businesses.

Quite simply revolutionary!

SOC in a Box is a plug and play, SOC as a Service solution, which includes 24/7 security monitoring services using SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology, targeted threat intelligence, vulnerability management and critical incident response, at predictable, linear costs with no up-front capital expenditure.

This event was aimed at anyone responsible for security, looking for a surefire fix to current security challenges and a plug and play security solution.




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