The cybersecurity specialists that put you first.Innovative solutions, unbiased approach, extensive experience.

Our unique formula


We help you to understand what you need to protect and what it should be protected against, as well as identifying hidden threats in your IT environment


Continuous security validation gives you a 24/7 level of visibility and control. As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, we help you to stay one step ahead.

Governance + Control

To effectively safeguard your IT environment, cybersecurity decision making must happen at all levels. We’ll ensure your team is educated.


In the event of a breach or cybersecurity attack, you need an organised approach to manage the aftermath. Our response solutions minimise disruption and cost.

How we are putting our customers first with IT Security


We pride ourselves on being customer-led and this has defined the problems we solve and the technical solutions we provide. Our technical in-house team support all our customers every step of the way. From bespoke demos, fit for your environment, to creating business case documents and the much needed 24/7 support at the end of the phone.

Learn more about how we can help you.

Our tailored approach to IT security

Detecting threats

Our dedicated systems alert you to potential attacks in real-time.

Managing risk

Before installing or implementing any new software or hardware, we’ll assess its risk factors and keep you protected.

Incident response

Should an incident occur, we’ll stop it in its tracks.

Supporting the Cyber Skills Shortage

Bridging the cybersecurity skills gap and reducing the workload with automation.

Protecting from insider threats

Tracking and surveillance protects your system from all angles.

Cyber Awareness

Understand, measure and improve cyber risk relating to user awareness and behaviour.

We orchestrate your bespoke cybersecurity solutions to ensure that they’re all working together.

Using innovative and intuitive systems, we create a collaboration that prioritises your digital safety.

Customers Testimonials

Kevin Orritt

Security Manager, Greater Manchester Mental Health

“I like that Core to Cloud aren’t tied to one solution. They research the market and find the right technology that will work for you. They are a responsive team and I recommend them to anyone out there looking for a helping hand” 

Shaun Crouch

Information Security Engineer, East Sussex Healthcare, NHS Trust

“We needed improved visibility across our network, as well as the ability to validate existing security tools and processes. Working with Core to Cloud we were able to solve this problem.”

Malcolm Montague

Information Security Manager, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

“You don’t know what you don’t know. I didn’t know what was out there.

I didn’t know what was running across our network. I did not have visibility.

Now I do.

Find out the 3 Challanges NHS Bolton Foundation Trust faced.

Brett Walmsley

CTO, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

“Your service and solutions help my team achieve its objectives. You help me solve the problem, you find what I need, you research the market and you let me test it out.”

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