Abnormal: the next generation of email security

You’d be pretty annoyed if you got home to find a stranger rifling through your post, reading your confidential information, and planning to steal your identity or bank details.

How did they get in?
What were they scheming?
Why didn’t the neighbours notice them?!

This happens all the time...except email is the target. From phishing and ransomware attacks to impersonation and spam, securing your inbox can feel like an impossible task.

It goes without saying that email is vital to any business. It’s how you communicate with your team, suppliers, clients, and customers. But how do you ensure the confidential or lucrative information you share every day is protected against outside threats?

Abnormal File Sharing

Secure email gateways within Microsoft and Google struggle to block socially-engineered attacks that pass reputation checks, have no links or attachments and appear to come from trusted sources. So, all manner of attacks and phishing attempts still slip through the cracks.

Carrier PigeonNot exactly helpful is it...so does that mean we should all start sending mail via carrier pigeon instead?

  • No.
  • The carrier pigeon would become the new target. Circumventing cyberattacks may be challenging, but at least no pigeons are harmed in the process.

So what IS the answer?

Enter Abnormal.

Abnormal Security provinces everything you need for comprehensive email protection, detection and response. It stops the whole gamut of email attacks, with a unique focus on modern social engineering attacks.

  • In other words, if some crafty so-and-so is imitating a trusted source to swindle money or confidential information out of you, Abnormal will clamp down on that attempted attack at lightning speed.
  • It integrates seamlessly into your existing cloud email platform. The software is built on top of Microsoft/Google APIs and can be implemented in less than 5 minutes.
  • It arms security operation teams with the automation and tools to respond quickly and proactively to threats.
  • It profiles reliable, trustworthy email behaviour by analysing over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from these baseline standards. Only Abnormal precisely blocks all socially-engineered and unwanted emails - both internal and external - and detects and fixes compromised accounts.

Socially Engineered Email

But don’t just take our word for it…
“The accuracy of the product and data analytics around identifying and understanding an email attack is truly impressive. If you are performing a bake-off with Abnormal and other companies then I would recommend running concurrent POVs as we did so that you can compare the accuracy of the products on the same emails. We ran three concurrent POVs and Abnormal was much more accurate” - Gartner review: Director of Information Security, July 2021

Want to learn more about how Abnormal could protect your organisation? Get in touch with our friendly team today and we’ll give you the full lowdown on the platform and how it could work for you.




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