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At Core to Cloud, our agile team offers a bespoke service to every client. We develop innovative solutions by bringing new ideas and cutting-edge technology to the table.

We provide consultancy and technical support for the planning and implementation of sustainable security strategies. We embrace innovation, future-proofing your IT foundations for secure and sustainable digital business.

Year on year, our young team has doubled in numbers. Offering a personalised experience and dedicated support, we deliver high quality solutions that our clients can depend upon.

We’re passionate about educating both clients and external businesses on the importance of understanding their cybersecurity vulnerabilities and the consequences of poor cyberhealth maintenance. Across our webinars, human behaviour training and social media – we seek to inform a wide audience about threat avoidance and diligent use of software.

The Founders

James & Mark – Their Story

In October of 2015, James and Mark met for a drink. As experienced colleagues in the IT Reseller sector, talk naturally turned to work. As they chatted away about security, data breaches and how IT lacked that personal customer service – they realised something.
…. they could do it better.

Based on lengthy careers and a heightened understanding of what organisations actually want from their cyber support team, Core to Cloud was born. James and Mark have used their passion for educating organisations about their cyber health, to build a company that has doubled in size and now works alongside some of the world’s biggest defence solution providers.

We heard you

Pen Testing is just a
snapshot in time

How do I control the
companies that need
remote access to my

I can’t manage my
medical devices

Manual penetration testing,
as a way to validate
cybersecurity effectiveness,
is costly and only covers a
segment of the network

How do I stop an
attacker if they get
onto my network?

Skill shortage and
additional pressure
on your team

If someone is in your
network how would
you know?

What devices do I have
and where are they?

passwords, who has
access to what?

Our story

Over the years


Core to Cloud – Founded


Technical developments to design
and deliver


First 5 team members
Sales and marketing established


Over 10 team members to rapid growth phase within the team


Phil Howe Joined Core to Cloud


Including CTO and finance function

Core to Cloud moves to a wing of a castle.


Over 30+ team members
and growing

Our aim is to create an inspiring, cross-pollinating environment that transcends the traditional boundaries of technology and encourages creative collaboration. By creating the Core to Cloud community, we hope to share vitally important information to protect businesses across the UK

Meet the team

 We are Core to Cloud.

Our people are what make us great. Our passion, experience, qualifications, creativity, and commitment to protecting you and your business is at our core. We build lasting relationships by listening and finding the solution that really does fix the problem. Sometimes we’re solving the problem before you even knew it needed to be fixed.

Join the team

We’re always on the look-out for new talent, innovative teammates and ways to grow.

Are you passionate about supporting some of the UK’s household names? Are you confident, friendly and meticulously organised? Do you have a history of brilliant customer service?

If yes, we’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch or send us your CV.

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