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Adaptive MFA protecting the keys to your kingdom

May 11, 2020

Securing data doesn’t just revolve around a secure storage system. It also requires a secure endpoint (as we discovered in Stage One of our ebook series), and a secure support system.

When we’re talking about cybersecurity, we’re often discussing how secure our accounts are – a common misconception is that security just relates to having very complex passwords. However, complex passwords can slow us down – we forget them, we have to change them or we store them somewhere which isn’t secure.

In a bid to make sure we can work anywhere, from any device, we can sometimes leave ourselves vulnerable.

That’s when we recommend Okta. Usually privileged accounts that act as ‘keys to the kingdom’ are something to be avoided, an attractive target for hackers. But not Okta. Okta Adaptive MFA protects all of your key accounts behind one ultra secure pane of glass. It also integrates with the systems you currently have in place: such as Sophos, Checkpoint, Pulse Secure, BeyondTrust and more.

This means that all of your solutions are working together to create an impenetrable web of security.

Your data is your identity, that’s what we’re really seeking to protect here. In the cybercrime world, the demand for ransomware has sky-rocketed. Ransomware is the thief and hostage taker of our data – one of the most disruptive types of breach possible. With companies moving online at speed, often without the right remote working support capabilities, these types of attacks are going to become more commonplace.

By using systems such as Okta, companies can allow fluid movement of staff, remote working and flexibility, safe in the knowledge that their credentials are safe both on and off the network. Okta also works with multiple devices (laptops, tablets, phones etc.), which helps to create secure endpoint environments – which we discussed in Stage One of our ebook series.

If you want to learn a bit more about how Okta could work for your organisation, integrating with your current platforms, then please get in touch with Alex.

Our free ebook series is designed to help businesses, just like yours, to function online - safely.

To find out more about some of the solutions mentioned here, check out Stage One and Stage Two of our latest ebook series. We’re sharing our knowledge in a bid to keep you safe online – now, and forever!

At Core to Cloud, we’re passionate about sharing the extensive knowledge base we have at our fingertips.

As always, if there’s anything we can do to help, please get in touch and if you have any specific questions please contact alex@coreotcloud.co.uk

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