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When it comes to cyber security awareness, it’s time to chuck the old rulebook out the window. As cyber threats become increasingly commonplace, organisations urgently need to invest in up-to-date cyber skills training. Yet, the ever-evolving complexity of cyber attacks means that traditional teaching is no longer adequate.

Lectures and basic online courses are too passive and can become redundant in no time. There’s no way of knowing if such teaching can offer specific, actionable advice for the real risks posed to organisations today. As such, it can take months or even years for team members to develop the right cyber skill-sets, by which point the online landscape has already altered.

The solution? Immersive Labs - an interactive training platform changing the way businesses approach cyber awareness.

We’re delighted to have partnered with Immersive Labs and support their mission to enable businesses to track and measure their cyber capabilities.

How does Immersive Labs work?

A far cry from walls of text and inaccessible jargon, you can expect a user-friendly platform with games, badges, and colourful illustrations. Immersive Labs represents the future of cyber skills training with on-demand, gamified, relevant, and risk-based interactive learning.

The platform offers bite-sized cybersecurity challenges known as ‘labs’ that people can complete anytime, anywhere. As the name suggests, these ‘immersive labs’ are games that mimic real-life cybersecurity scenarios. Users can ‘respond’ to commonplace threats just as they would to a genuine cybersecurity attack. By gamifying and framing training differently, the lessons are designed to stick in users’ minds, rather than swiftly skimmed over.

There are currently 500 labs and counting. Immersive Labs is fully abreast of the latest updates, best practices, and threats, so users can build a strong foundational knowledge and get completely up-to-speed.

What’s more, Immersive Labs enables organisations to measure the extent of their workforce’s cybersecurity knowledge. When working with a new client, the team will identify an organisation’s key objectives to tailor the labs accordingly, whether that's how to code securely or how to identify a phishing email. The platform can help to identify employees’ existing knowledge and skill gaps, which can save precious time and resources.

To learn more about Immersive Labs, check out this short video.

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