Core to Cloud passes ISO accreditation and Cyber Essentials Plus

We talk the talk and walk the walk...we’re delighted to announce that after months of work, Core to Cloud has passed ISO accreditation and Cyber Essentials Plus.

OK...what does that mean?

ISO Certification

In a global marketplace with an ever-evolving digital landscape, approved standards need to be in place so organisations can conduct reliable, regulated and secure business across the world. International standards help to maintain consistency and quality across industries and nations.

The ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is one such organisation. It’s an independent, non-governmental, international body that sets standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems.

The ISO has published more than 22,700 standards spanning all aspects of technology and business, from food safety to IT, agriculture to healthcare. An ISO certification is an official stamp of approval, verifying that your products and services are safe, reliable, and high quality.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed self-assessment tool that helps you measure the strength of your organisation’s cybersecurity, giving you valuable insights into how much protection you need to stay safe and secure. Your answers are submitted online and checked by an assessor.
Once compliant, certification will give you peace of mind that your cybersecurity will protect your organisation against the most common cyber attacks.
Attackers are on the lookout for organisations that don’t have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place, so it’s essential that you can tick off these requirements. If more advanced attackers spot that you haven’t got the basics in place, this can leave you vulnerable to more complex and disruptive attacks.

Cyber Essentials Plus goes one step further. It has all the benefits of Cyber Essentials, but a more in-depth, manual assessment will take place. An assessor will come to test your network to verify whether the answers given in your self-assessment are accurate.

As cybersecurity experts, of course we opted for the hands-on assessment! We wanted undeniablel evidence that our cybersecurity measures are in tip-top shape. We talk about the importance of cybersecurity with our clients day in, day out, so we’re serious about making sure our words and actions match up.

How did we get accreditation?

Testing, testing...and more testing. It should come as no surprise that we use cybersecurity products we sell to protect us. The ISO and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations presented a fantastic opportunity to review, audit and assess the effectiveness of the technology we recommend to our customers.

In general, the security we had in place was strong - but there were some areas for improvement that we wanted to perfect. It was a case of combing through all the software we had in place, recording all our strengths and weaknesses, conducting departmental interviews, and performing gap analysis.

We ensured that everything was working as it should, rectified potential weaknesses, implemented additional software, and introduced a new starter policy, which included computer set-up in-line with ISO best practices.

Want to find out more about the ISO? Check out our podcast episode on our top tips on passing the ISO with flying colours!

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