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Cylera: Learn how to manage, secure and optimise your IoMT environment


Dates: 6th May, 20th May

Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm


The benefits of the IoMT continues to grow as more advances are made and increasingly innovative technologies are developed. However, as its scale proliferates, the number of vulnerability points that can be exploited by hackers and malicious actors also exponentially increases.

This is where Cylera comes in. Cylera recognised the critical gap in safeguarding patient data. The industry needed a way to address the complex technological and operational challenges inherent in securing and managing connected medical devices and IoT.

What you’ll learn

Cylera shows you how to :-
• Know your HIoT environment
• Assess your HIoT environment
• Secure your IoMT environment
• Defend your IoMT environment
• Optimise your IoMT environment

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About Cylera

The Cylera platform that we have taken to market provides a complete, real-time, and continuously updated inventory of all connected HIoT (medical devices, operational technology, and general IoT) on a Trust’s infrastructure. This provides the Trust with immediate visibility of how many devices of each manufacturer, type, end-of-life operating systems, etc. they have connected to their infrastructure.

The platform then provides entirely passive vulnerability detection and a NIST-based risk analysis (by creating a Digital Twin of all connected devices) enabling vulnerability detection with industry-standard tools without jeopardising device uptime or clinical continuity. Cylera provides an impact analysis for all of the devices discovered in the inventory based on clinical, organisational, financial and regulatory risk to help the Trust prioritise mitigation activities.