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Cylera: Patient Privacy and Security –  IoT Next Gen Solution


Dates: 24th August

Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm


Care should be taken when surveying and treating clinical applications and devices, however they are not exempt or immune to vulnerabilities.

A clinical device such as an ambulatory device or patient monitoring device may look very different from computers or a phone, but at their core they can have pieces of software just as vulnerable as that of other devices and cannot be protected using a traditional approach

Join us to learn how you can secure your entire connected environment by seeing Cylera in action.

The only security and analytics platform built for IoT/ ICS/ IoMT.

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Phil Howe

Phil Howe

Phil has worked in IT since ’98 starting in the private sector and moving into the NHS in 2003. Phil has worked in the NHS for 17 years and has continued his self development and moved up within roles delivering on key strategies and technical projects.

About Cylera

The Cylera platform that we have taken to market provides a complete, real-time, and continuously updated inventory of all connected HIoT (medical devices, operational technology, and general IoT) on a Trust’s infrastructure. This provides the Trust with immediate visibility of how many devices of each manufacturer, type, end-of-life operating systems, etc. they have connected to their infrastructure.

The platform then provides entirely passive vulnerability detection and a NIST-based risk analysis (by creating a Digital Twin of all connected devices) enabling vulnerability detection with industry-standard tools without jeopardising device uptime or clinical continuity. Cylera provides an impact analysis for all of the devices discovered in the inventory based on clinical, organisational, financial and regulatory risk to help the Trust prioritise mitigation activities.