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Test your skills and face the consequences of your decisions

19th May - 4:00pm – 6:00pm

How will you do against our Cyber Attack Simulator?

Join us for an afternoon Cyber Attack Hands-On Simulation. Running senior teams through an attack narrative, the Simulator tests and analyses decision-making on everything from legal and communications strategy to technical mitigations, providing real-time feedback on the impact of the participants’ decisions.

Stay for dinner and drinks to discuss the outcome of the day.


Event Type: In-person event - King Street Townhouse, Manchester
Hosts: Phil Howe, Chris Faulkner
Guest Speaker: Stuart Laidlaw - Senior Director Global Alliances at Immersive Labs

Virtual Lunch and Learn – Phishing Attack Crisis Simulator

26th May 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Join us for our Phishing Attack Crisis Simulator.

Unlike linear tabletops, our content reflects how a crisis unfolds in the real world – you never know what wicked problem you’ll face next. Put your skills to the test as you immerse yourself in this phishing attack simulation designed to battle-test your crisis response strategy.

We’ll be talking about email and, more specifically, how data science and behavioural analytics are the future of email security.


Event Type: Virtual Lunch and Learn
Hosts: Patrick Henderson
Guest Speaker: TBA

Security, Technology and Collaboration.

9th June 12:30pm – 6:00pm


Join us with fellow NHS trusts to collaborate and network in-person.

Four interactive workshops exploring key issues, the latest technology and a simulation of a cyber attack.

All the sessions will be CPD accredited.



Event Type:In-Person Event: Core to Cloud, Ingleside House, Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
Hosts: Phil Howe & Patrick Henderson
Guest Speaker: TBA

Robots: because Cybersecurity isn’t Dangerous Enough

16th June – 12:00 PM

The threat posed by attackers is always looming…

With this in mind, it is important to validate your incident response strategy, so that you know your team could handle an attack, should the worst happen.

For one day only, team up with IT and Cybersecurity professionals and put your collective problem-solving skills to the test against our simulator – will you make the right decisions in the event of a Cyber Attack?

Each decision you make will impact the success of your team in our Robot Revolution Cyber War.

This second activity is a high-tech creative and engaging experience: teams will build working robots before programming them to complete a series of challenges.

Will you survive our Cyber Wars?


Event Type: In-Person Event
Hosts: Phil Howe, Kelly Allen
Guest Speaker: TBC

Virtual Lunch and Learn – Attack Surface Simulator

30th June – 12.30 – 1.30pm

Discover all your unknown assets

Get involved in our Virtual Crisis Simulator. Unlike linear tabletops, our content reflects how a crisis unfolds in the real world – you never know what wicked problem you’ll face next. This crisis scenario will focus on vulnerabilities associated with unknown external assets – how would your team cope if your organisation was faced with a network breach?

We’ll be talking about Validation: how CyCognito shows you your entire attack surface, including previously unknown assets across your entire external network.


Event Type: Virtual Eventt
Hosts: Phil Howe
Guest Speaker: Rob Thatcher – Channel Director at CyCognito

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