Robots: because Cybersecurity isn't Dangerous Enough

Battle-Test your Cyber Skills

Format: In-Person Event

Date: 16th June 2022

Time: 12:00 PM


The threat posed by attackers is always looming…

With this in mind, it is important to validate your incident response strategy, so that you know your team could handle an attack, should the worst happen.

For one day only, team up with IT and Cybersecurity professionals and put your collective problem-solving skills to the test against our simulator  – will you make the right decisions in the event of a Cyber Attack?

Each decision you make will impact the success of your team in our Robot Revolution Cyber War.

This second activity is a high-tech creative and engaging experience: teams will build working robots before programming them to complete a series of challenges.

Will you survive our Cyber Wars? 

Robot Revolution


11:30 PM Arrival, lunch, tea & coffee
12:30 PM Welcome & Introductions
12:45 PM Break into teams for Crisis Simulator – how would your organisation respond to a Cyber Attack?
1:45 PM Report, Outcomes and Discussion
2:00 PM Vendor Panel Discussion and Q&A
2:30 PM Refreshments 
2:45 PM Robot – Cyber War
5:00 PM Network and Drinks
7:00 PM Finish


Learning Outcomes

The Crisis Simulator challenges participants’ decision making, situational awareness and communications skills, as well as their adherence to, and knowledge of, best practice incident response strategies and tactics.

The Robot Exercise: the effectiveness of cyber teams is always in a constant state of flux. Teams grow, they shrink, the dynamics change. To keep teams moving towards their optimal state, we have devised a Robot Building Experience that helps manage team performance. We draw on the power of leadership, empathy, cooperation, and problem-solving to help deliver change.

The Hosts

Phil Howe

CTO at Core to Cloud

Kelly Allen

CMO at Core to Cloud

As Core to Cloud Ltd’s Chief Technological Officer, Phil Howe helps organisations to improve their cyber posture through initial consultation, technology review, design, deployment and support. Phil has proven experience and a leading knowledge of supporting and developing new technologies within large and critical IT Infrastructures.

Kelly Allen is Core to Cloud’s Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for the seamless running of exciting and educational Cybersecurity events. Kelly makes sure that all our customers and prospects stay up-to-date with the latest Cyber news and technology developments.


Guest Speakers


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