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How DefensePro is disrupting the DDoS landscape

How DefensePro is disrupting the DDoS landscape

June 8, 2020

The thing about antiquated cyber security solutions is that they rely on individuals. If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that human error accounts for a large number of successful breaches and attacks. That’s not because we are lacking in skills or understanding, but simply because we lack speed. If hackers and cyber criminals are using programs to enact their attacks, no human being is going to be capable of mitigating that threat at speed.

We have to meet the threat level where it’s at… or better still, we need to outsmart it. That’s what we love about Radware’s DefensePro system. It’s 5 point protection makes it smarter and faster than other services we’ve examined for our clients.

Firstly, it uses behaviour based detection. We’ve talked a lot about artificial intelligence in cyber security – this solution offers a very similar level of intelligence. DefensePro distinguishes between normal digital behaviours, and malicious ones. During periods of high traffic, like we’re experiencing right now, DefensePro can sift through the crowd faster than any human eye. Which brings us to the second protection tool, real-time signature creation. As DefensePro sifts through your huge volume of traffic and notices malicious entities, it creates a signature that blocks those attackers without inhibiting genuine site visitors. This is key to remaining online and active for your client base, without leaving yourself exposed at the same time.

We also need to be aware that many of the solutions we’ve brought in to protect micro-areas of our business are actually leaving doors open elsewhere. For example, HTTPS encrypted websites now account for 90% of web traffic. HTTPS is crucial for data protection, but it opens the door for new DDoS attacks. HTTPS requires many more resources from the target server than the client, meaning hackers can unleash devastating attacks more easily.

When an attack strikes, our overstretched IT teams are at a loss. Now working remotely, it’s harder for them to get together and solve attacks once they’re already underway. DefensePro comes with a managed security service, in case the worst should happen.

Botnet’s are the final adversity in DefensePro’s impressive solutions. Botnets are devices which are controlled by a central computer. When banded together, a large botnet network can unleash devastating attacks by utilising all the devices that have been recruited. With the IoT (Internet of Things) in our homes and in our businesses, there are a lot more devices that can be hi-jacked in this way. Botnets are a significant threat during a massive public health emergency such as the current COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, a globally distributed DDoS scrubbing network with multi-terabit DDoS scrubbing capacity is critical for protection.

If DDoS is your worst nightmare, but you don’t know where to start with protecting your newly remote and sprawling network, get in touch with Alex details.

We’ve been working hard throughout this crisis to adapt our clients’ security posture to suit the new threat landscape. But, we’ve also made it our personal mission to educate anyone and everyone about the dangers that lurk behind our screens. If you want to know more about protecting your business, your employees and your future, please check out our series of ebooks on the current crisis.

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