How to protect your organisation’s attack surface

Picture the scene.

You’re about to go on holiday and you’re getting ready to set off. The bags have been packed, the house has been cleaned, and your valuables have been safely stored away.

All that’s left to do is lock the front door, hop in the taxi, and head to the airport.

But here’s what you haven’t checked…

The dodgy lock on the back door.
The bedroom window that’s slightly ajar.
The pricey TV that’s visible from the street.
The dead battery in the burglar alarm.

You thought your house was a fortress. But it’s not as burglar-proof as you think. As you enjoy your first celebratory Mimosa in Duty-Free, the intruder makes his move...your house is the perfect target, after all.

Why are we describing this nightmare scenario?

Because this is how you should view your organisation’s IT ecosystem. Sure, you may think you know it inside-out. But you’re not looking at it from the external perspective of a hacker, who’s looking for hidden, exploitable weaknesses.

One of the most pressing security issues today is the fact that IT and security teams don’t know where all of their organisation’s digital infrastructure and assets are, or whether they’re fully protected. This ‘awareness gap’ is known as a shadow risk; it’s a huge issue, as unknown and unmanaged assets are usually the easiest point of entry for attackers, who are on the lookout for lucrative data.

To stay one step ahead, you have to think like an attacker. To do that, you need to understand your entire IT ecosystem and your network interconnectivity, which requires full visibility.

How? CyCognito.

CyCognito is solving one of the most critical business problems in cybersecurity: the need to understand how attackers view your organisation, where they’re most likely to break in, and how you can effectively detect, monitor and eliminate that risk.

The platform shows you your entire attack surface, including previously unknown assets across your network, both internally and externally. The attack surface describes the different points where an attacker could infiltrate the system, and where they could get data out.

Attackers will typically make their way in through a route that is either unknown by security or considered insignificant. Given the sheer number of devices and services in your network, it’s no surprise that security gaps are overlooked, especially if you’re examining your attack surface from an ‘inside-out’, rather than an external, perspective.

CyCognito is designed to see your risks as attackers do, know what to fix first, and fix weaknesses faster.

  • It discovers more of the attack surface, including unknown and unmanaged assets.
  • It uncovers risks that other solutions miss.
  • It streamlines the elimination of attacker entry points.
  • It discovers and tests 100% of your extended IT ecosystem.
  • It prioritises risks based on their impact on business.
  • It speeds up remediation.

Thanks to its sophisticated attack surface management, you can continuously discover, classify, and assess the security of your IT ecosystem.

Now that’s how you stay one step ahead of the hackers.

Is CyCognito the missing piece in your organisation’s cybersecurity posture?

To learn more about CyCognito, listen to our latest podcast episode here. 

We’ll be giving the lowdown on how to protect your internal and external assets from breaches and ransomware attacks, as well as talking you through the game-changing technology that’s protecting businesses every hour of every day.

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