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Immersive Labs: The Ultimate Cyber Readiness Platform

We help Fintech organisations, with their data security challenges, by upskilling their team with the latest Cyber Security Training.


Date & Time: 17th June 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Here at Core to Cloud, we know that as more services go online, data ubiquity, and consequently data security, are proving to cause major challenges for fintech organisations.

This is why we want make sure you and your team are fully equipped with the most up to date Cyber Security training there is.

Investing in your organisation’s human capital is every bit as crucial as investing in your technology. Continuously upskilling, tracking, and understanding this expertise pays huge dividends when it comes to mitigating risk, responding to crises and building resilience.

This is where Immersive Labs comes in. Immersive Labs aren’t your average Cyber Security Training Platform. They understand that Cybersecurity has evolved into more than just a technology problem. It now dictates share price, customer loyalty, brand reputation, litigation and can even threaten human life.

Immersive Labs delivers enterprise-wide human cyber capabilities to impact and support every part of your security strategy.


On this event, you’ll be able to put your taste-buds to the test, all while learning about the Immersive Labs Platform:

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