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Ironscales: How to protect your organisation from scams

We help organisations stop tomorrow’s phishing attacks today through a self-learning email security platform.


Date & Time: 24th June 6:30pm – 8:30pm


No matter how much education you provide, a compelling phishing scam can deceive even the most savvy of your employees. One employee’s misstep could expose sensitive personal information to a malicious party. This piece will help you understand the nuances of phishing and provide you useful tips to combat the shrewd techniques of scammers.


On this event, you’ll be able to put your taste-buds to the test, all while learning about the Ironscales technology. We’ll be covering:

  • The Evolution of Phishing
  • The different types of phishing and how to respond to these
  • The best practices and advice on how to secure your organisation’s email security

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