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Reset your plans – Cyber Security:
Mobile Threat Management (MTM)


Date: 25th March 2021

Time: 18:30 to 20:30

Format: Informal, Discussion and Mixology class


Technologies that empower change. The unquestionable benefits of a digital transformation must be balanced with responsibility, accountability and trust.

Re-imagine how you work – Transformation not Automation. Realise change through process re-engineering and address the critical demands we face today, and that will also stand the test of time

About This Event

Since the uplift in home-working businesses have effectively been turned inside-out meaning more mobile devices than ever before are accessing data outside the organisation’s perimeter. With a reported uplift of over 600% in Phishing attacks alone in 2020, this is a major concern for cybersecurity teams.

One of the main challenges is keeping employees productive whilst allowing them access to all the tools they need, whether that’s unmonitored mobile web access; unmanaged devices, questionable apps, SMS and more.
Mobile threat management (MTM) solutions offer organisations the ability to extend flexible options whilst maintaining visibility of phishing attempts, app/network/device-based risks and through enforcement of conditional access on mobile devices.

Our expertise in these sectors and why MTM is particularly interesting

Public sector – Including Healthcare

60% of organisations targeted (UK Gov)

  • A critical infrastructure
  • High-value assets
  • Significant compliance obligations
  • A large, non-technical user base
  • Balance of risk vs performance

For Higher Education

24% rise in cyberattacks in September ’20 alone (Education Technology)

  • Move to online learning
  • Highly sensitive assets
  • Multiple personal devices and access points
  • Diverse and active user base
  • The significant impact of performance failures

For Manufacturing

39% of attacks in 2020 were aimed at Manufacturing (Zscaler)

  • High incidence of browser-based attacks
  • Highly fragmented, multiple disjointed systems
  • Lack of unified controls, centralised visibility, policy enforcement
  • Legacy equipment not designed for external exposure

For Critical Infrastructure – Including Transport & Logistics

56% of businesses lost operational data due to cyber-attack (Siemens/Ponemon)

  • High-value assets
  • Significant compliance obligations
  • A large, non-technical user base
  • Balance of risk vs performance




Burak started his career in Sales engineering 7 years ago with LANDesk (now Ivanti) focussed on systems management. More recently Burak was a senior sales engineer for Citrix leading enterprise mobility management opportunities in the U.K

A born Londoner, he returned after a stay in Coventry to study Information Systems Management and Business IT.

Today he is settled in south London. He’s most proud of his teenage daughters Lilay and Rosie.

In his spare time he has a passion for music production with some minor success ‘back in the day’, and will go anywhere where snowboarding is a possibility

Joe Rich

Joe Rich

Joe brings 10 years of Direct and Channel sales experience to Lookout, having started his career at a small distributor back in 2011. He prides himself on creating a partnership with his customers, knowing it is equally as important to the standard of the solution he is providing and continuing this throughout a product’s life cycle and beyond.

Joe enjoys playing many sports including Rugby, Squash and Table Tennis to name a few, but his favourite pastime in this new world is taking out his Beagle, Bagel for a good walk!