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MFA to data loss protection, a 360 degree solution for Office 365

May 10, 2020

In our last ebook, we talked about MFA (Multi-factor-authentication), a huge player in securing cloud-based platforms. MFA is included in Defence 365 – to give you confidence in your Office 365 environment. Office 365 is a trusted platform the world over. When in-house, Office 365 works like a well-oiled machine. But what about when we take it on the move? The cloud and Office 365 carry risks.

We look to Defence 365, by Censornet. Once you’ve handled the appropriate preparations and procedures to migrate to Office 365 – Defence 365 really comes into its own. With uncompromising security, a slick user-experience, reliable availability and compliance, and exceptional data security – we put the safety of our clients in their hands.

What are we protecting our clients against?

  • Highly targeted threats that Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection cannot repel
  • CEO fraud – emails that come from a very close domain name and address as the organisation’s real CEO, coxing data out of employees
  • Data loss and leakage from Office 365 or Microsoft OneDrive
  • Data loss from connected platforms, such as LinkedIn
  • Account takeovers – where passwords are stolen and accounts are accessed with malicious intent
  • Brute-force attacks – a form of password cracking where numerous potential passwords are tried from multiple different IP addresses

Office 365 has a basic level of anti-spam and anti-virus protection. Unfortunately, in today’s ever evolving cyber environment, it’s not enough. Censornet’s MFA and Defence 365 product suite bolsters the protection of your Office 365 environment, wherever it’s being accessed from. This allows employees to work from home, without their organisation’s needing to worry about data leakages or breaches.

If you’re a Censornet client, there’s more good news! To help keep your organisation safe online, Censornet are offering existing Censornet customers (those who have a valid support contract) 60 days of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for free!

At Core to Cloud, we’re passionate about sharing the extensive knowledge base we have at our fingertips.

As always, if there’s anything we can do to help, please get in touch and if you have any specific questions please contact sophie@coreotcloud.co.uk

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