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✓ We care about your business’ reputation & brand

✓ We find solutions in line with your strategy and road map for the future 

✓ We won’t recommend anything we wouldn’t use ourselves

✓ We are led by our experienced tech team who understand the challenges you face

Our Services

Bespoke services designed to perfectly fit your business

Cyber Threat Intelligence service by Core to Cloud

Discover any potential security vulnerabilities in your business with our Gap Analysis aligned to CIS Framework Controls.

Cyber Threat Intelligence service by Core to Cloud

We provide cyber threat intelligence monitoring, alerts, and insights to protect your business from potential threats.

Cyber Threat Intelligence service by Core to Cloud

Speed up your third-party assessments and eliminate manual questionnaires with a strong defense against potential threats.

Proactive threat research, incident response, threat hunting & optimisation are delivered around the clock by our security team.

An immersive crisis simulation to build cyber resilience across people, processes, and technology. Put your team to the test.

We are always developing new offerings for our customers. If you want to join our R&D process, check out the Coresaders Club here…

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Key Pillars to Cyber Success

Our products and services are driven by our customers. We recognise that cybersecurity is always changing, and we believe that the best way to stay prepared is by working together as a team.

The structure of our security offering has 4 key pillars.


We help you to understand what you need to protect and what it should be protected against, as well as identify hidden threats in your IT environment. We give you insight with focused alerts from your core devices, network and the cloud.


We give you the tools to continually test and optimise your IT security. Whilst making sure your staff and their systems are ready to respond to the next threat. Continuous security validation gives you a 24/7 level of visibility and control.


To effectively safeguard your IT environment, cyber security decision-making must happen at all levels. We’ll ensure your team is educated to protect your data, your credentials, and your systems.


In the event of a breach or cyber security attack, you need an organised approach to manage the aftermath. We give you the control to take action where needed and to automate and neutralise threats.

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Services that save you time…

Our technical in-house team are here to support you every step of the way, available 24/7 at the end of the phone.

Business Cases

As we all know business cases and supporting documentation takes a lot of time and resources, use our in-house team to get this done for you.

Cyber Skills Shortage

Bridging the cyber security skills gap and reducing the workload with automation. Working with you to identify your cyber and maturity roadmap.

Incident response

Should an incident occur, we’ll stop it in its tracks. Support available from our team 24×7 at the end of the phone or via email.

Tailored Demonstrations

In-house demonstrations tailored to your needs allow us to use your time wisely and show you exactly what you need.

Managing Risk

Before install or implementing any new software or hardware, we will assess its risk factors and keep you protected. We can support you every step of the way from POV to Deployment.

Cyber Awareness

Understand, measure and improve cyber risk relating to user awareness and behaviour. Access to cutting-edge technology & security to pilot in your organisation.

Phil Howe

Chief Technology Officer

Patrick Henderson

Senior Cyber Security Consultant

Chris Faulkner

Senior Cyber Security Consultant

Laurence Bentley

Head of Cyber Security

James Beaumont

Cyber Security Lead

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You might be wondering if Core to Cloud is right for you.

We are right for you…

✓  If your business has more than 100 employees

✓  If your business is based in the UK or the Nordics

✓  If you are looking for hands-on support with Cyber Security



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