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Pcysys: Automated Pen-Testing with the click of a button

We help the NHS by discovering weaknesses in their network by giving them the ability to continually test them 24/7.


Format: Breakfast Briefing

Date: 22nd & 29th June

Time: 8:30am – 9:30am


Pcysys’ automated pen-testing platform continuously conducts ethical exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities, to deliver prioritised threat-based weaknesses by showing real pen-testing achievements against exploitable vulnerabilities.

Focused on the “Inside” threat, PCYSYS automated penetration-testing platform mimics the attacker’s mindset, automates the discovery of vulnerabilities and performs ethical exploits, while ensuring a smooth network operation. Detailed reports are produced on an ongoing basis, together with proposed remediations, one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious third party.

Their agentless, automated penetration-testing platform, assesses and then reduces corporate cybersecurity risk.


Join us for a virtual breakfast, all while learning about the Pcysys technology. We’ll be covering:

  • Prioritised remediation: How to get a clear, packaged summary of critical remediation steps to perform
  • Latest hacking techniques: How to be sure your pen-testing is the most current it can be
  • 24/7 Pen Tests: Everyday cover as standard

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James Cunningham

James Cunningham

James Cunningham is the co-founder of Core to Cloud, a Cyber Security and Compliance focussed solution provider. Core to Cloud’s work within the public sector has gained attention in recent years due to the innovative nature of their approach to reducing Cyber Risk.

Phil Howe

Phil Howe

Phil has worked in IT since ’98 starting in the private sector and moving into the NHS in 2003. Phil has worked in the NHS for 17 years and has continued his self development and moved up within roles delivering on key strategies and technical projects.
Josh Duce

Josh Duce

Hi, I’m Josh, one of the Senior Business Development Managers at Core to Cloud, focused on helping our enterprise customers solve their cyber security challenges using new and disruptive technologies. Outside of work I’m a Dad, love sports and fitness and am a lifelong Arsenal fan.

About Pcysys

Pcysys which is an acronym for “Proactive Cyber Systems” was founded by Arik Liberzon who understood that enterprises do not have an effective means of knowing the true cyber risk that they carry, and have no way of understanding which vulnerabilities have the highest negative business impact potential.

Arik modelled his mastery of ethical hacking techniques into software and together with the serial IT entrepreneur, Arik Faingold, founded Pcysys. Soon thereafter, Mr. Liberzon was joined by a group of Israel’s elite cyber researchers and cyber warfare experts, who share the passion of giving organizations the upper hand in their struggle to fence off cyberattacks.