Pcysys – Your very own hacker in your pocket

Imagine having a skilled expert-hacker at your disposal. Imagine asking them to examine your company’s IT infrastructure for weaknesses that a malicious hacker would use to gain entry. Now imagine that your personal hacker could stay awake 365 days a year, performing tests 24/7. <em>That’s </em>how Pcysys protects you.

Using groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology, Pcysys simulates the thoughts, movements and actions of an army of skilled attackers. If a weakness is found, you’re alerted and the system remediates it – 365, 24/7.

Previously, expensive pen-testers were used to carry out this kind of work. Travelling the length and breadth of the country, these highly skilled individuals would carry out as many tests as possible in a day, or so. In the current pandemic, this simply isn’t an option. However, hackers are still working away – meaning that <em>you </em>still need to be covered. By using software like Pcysys, our clients are physically and digitally safer… with more money in their pocket too.
<p style=”text-align: center;”><strong>“In only 30 minutes with PenTera, we achieved more than 3 manual penetration testers completed over 9 days at £1,500 per tester per day”</strong>
<strong>BRETT WALMSLEY, BOLTON NHS</strong></p>
In the wake of the WannaCry attack, Core to Cloud is proud to have supported NHS Trust’s in bolstering their security presence. One of these clients was the NHS Bolton, who benefited hugely from the introduction of PenTera, Pcysys’ artificial intelligence penetration test software. Pcysys describes the journey to adopting artificial intelligence pen-testing as “skepticism, which turns into wonder, then buy-in, excitement and eventually, evangelism. The reason for these transitions lies within one’s ability to watch the pentest at work as it occurs, as if it was a James Bond movie screening.”

As a Covid-19 reality starts to take shape, we recognise the need for more and more of our IT infrastructure to be managed remotely. With cybercrime on a distinct rise, pen-testing and other forms of resilience assessment will be ever more paramount.

In our latest ebook, Stage 4, we’ve been discussing <em>how </em>to secure your business in a mid and post-pandemic landscape. To check it out, <a href=”https://www.coretocloud.co.uk/securing-your-business/”>click here.</a>

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