Ransomware has got no match for this…

Ransomware attacks are no longer just broad, automated ‘spray and pray’ attacks. Nowadays, they can be human-driven, highly targeted attacks, posing an even greater cybersecurity threat to organisations.

New generations of ransomware use stolen credentials that grant the attacker privileged access. Signature-based safeguards are blind to these identity attacks, meaning ransomware attackers have total freedom to access exactly what they want, when they want. Working under the guise of authorised users, it can be near impossible to identify a hacker until damage is done.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Vectra’s AI driven network detection and response platform monitors abuse of privileged accounts. It also monitors network traffic, including from the cloud and IoT devices, for telltale signs of a compromise or a ransomware attack.

This level of analysis is impossible to do manually but it’s simple for Vectra’s AI driven platform. If you do spot an attack taking place, time is of the essence.

That’s why Vectra integrates with your existing security tools to pinpoint affected accounts and devices and stop ransomware before encryption occurs. From your cloud and data centre to your IoTs and enterprise, Vectra gives you peace of mind that your entire environment is protected, 24/7.

Vectra and PenTera

Vectra and PenTera (formerly Pcysys) are quite the dream team. A new joint partnership, the two technologies work in tandem to keep organisations attack-ready against ransomware.

Customers can safely automate the actual tactics and techniques of the most destructive ransomware threats out there and continuously assess their attack preparedness by testing the detection and response process. PenTera is the only platform that safely automates real adversary tactics and techniques on a continuous basis, showing the security team exactly how attackers will exploit the network.

The partnership with Vectra AI automates information-sharing workflows between red and blue cybersecurity teams, allowing them to validate and improve detection and response capabilities.


Ransomware attackers don’t make obvious moves - their methods can be extremely covert. As attacks become more sophisticated, security teams must stay one step ahead.

Don’t wait for a ransom note - use Vectra to see and stop ransomware before it has the chance to wreak havoc!

To learn more about Vectra, check out our latest Vectra podcast episode!

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