Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust Case Study

As cyber attacks become increasingly more sophisticated, GMMH wanted to ensure that its IT security measures were robust enough to discover and respond potential threats.

Despite a reasonable level of network visibility, it became apparent to GMMH that, due to the ever-evolving nature of cyberthreats, its security posture could easily become redundant and ineffective without comprehensive review.

Along with a main computer network, the trust utilises IoT devices such as door controls, CCTV and security systems. If a hacker was to infiltrate these devices, patient safety could be compromised.

Although GMMH could identify which devices were using the network, they were unable to validate network activity, i.e unauthorised data sharing and how devices were communicating with one another. It was therefore crucial to shine a light on the entire network to uncover any anomalous activity in real-time

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