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Secure route to support

May 8, 2020

In our latest ebook, we’ve been exploring the challenges that accessing data from outside the workplace brings. On top of maintaining a secure route to organisation data, we need a secure route to support.

If something goes wrong when we’re working away from the office, what do we do?

Our IT support teams aren’t always equipped to fix our devices if they aren’t on the company network. Very quickly, we leave ourselves exposed, with no lifeline. Some remote support solutions do exist – but many organisations are fearful of using their remote access capabilities because they’re a shortcut for hackers.

It seems like a catch 22 – risk a security breach because you can’t get help with your device/system or risk a breach by getting help itself!

That’s why we recommend  BeyondTrust. BeyondTrust allows your organisation’s support team to securely assist you. Encrypted end-to-end and completely custom in terms of access, BeyondTrust can remotely access your screen without exposing any vulnerabilities. You can even personalise the interface to match your organisation’s branding, ensuring that users feel safe and secure.

To make sure your support team is constantly in the loop, all sessions are recorded and stored for compliance. Your organisation is completely in control whilst letting BeyondTrust do the leg work.

What we love about BeyondTrust is not just how brilliantly effective it is at mastering and problem-solving any device, but how it makes your employees feel about the level of support they receive. These are testing and stressful times for organisations, individuals and everyone in between. Leaving staff out on a limb when they’re simply trying to keep up with their day job is not something anyone wants to see right now. That’s why solutions like BeyondTrust are so essential to the continual growth and survival of our businesses.

Key features to note are:

  • Remote access – giving you the ability to troubleshoot issues on or off your corporate network
  • Scale – regardless of your company size, BeyondTrust can seamlessly integrate with your current systems.
  • Customisation – from switching access on and off, to branding your interface. BeyondTrust ensures that you are always in control of your experience.
  • Compliance – all sessions are recorded and reports make it easy to identify where BeyondTrust is assisting.


Securing data doesn’t just revolve around a secure storage system. It also requires a secure endpoint (as we discovered in Stage One of our ebook series), and a secure support system.

Else, vulnerabilities could be exposed through simply accessing the data.

If you want to know more about securing access to your data at all levels, check out Stage Two of our ebook series – all about securing the cloud.


At Core to Cloud, we’re passionate about sharing the extensive knowledge base we have at our fingertips.

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