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Securing your mobile device in a perimeter-less world

May 4, 2020

Everyday we use our mobile devices to facilitate our lives. Whether that’s booking appointments, checking in with friends, playing games, organising finances or even working… our mobiles know everything about us.

We wouldn’t want that information to fall into the wrong hands. The thing with mobile devices is that they don’t just house our information – they contain access to our wider network, including the businesses we run and work for. What might seem like a few innocent taps, could lead to a colossal data-breach that spans much further than photos of your kids and what’s on your calendar.

Lookout, the leader in mobile security, have developed an endpoint security solution. By simply installing Lookout onto your mobile device, you can begin creating your own perimeter. Constantly operating under a ‘zero-trust’ architecture, Lookout protects you from phishing attacks and other malicious threats. The premise for this solution is threefold:

  1. The perimeter has disappeared.(i.e we walk in and out of networks all day)
  2. Legacy security technologies do not apply. (i.e they don’t meet us at the endpoint)
  3. Devices cannot be trusted. (i.e guilty until proven innocent is the best model)

Meaning, a new solution needed to be established. As many mobile users blend their usage between work and personal, the thought of using a VPN or other protective shield is rarely considered. However, opening a work email on an unprotected device could leave your organisation vulnerable – without your knowledge.

In a recent report, Lookout explained how endpoint protection is where security solutions need to focus:
“Protecting access to the corporate cloud, and the internet as a whole, without relying on perimeter defence is a crucial aspect of this architecture. To make this possible, some of those critical security functions must move to the endpoint. Monitoring for malicious links and websites — and preventing employees from accessing dangerous content — is a primary function that must move.”

In the social distancing era, apps are making our lives easier… but they are also a huge threat. Cyberattackers targeting mobile apps are changing the behavior of the app through sophisticated malware, screen overlay attacks, device rooting and reverse engineering techniques. App developers may be implementing basic security techniques, but they cannot fully protect users from the entire spectrum of mobile risk.

Why not test your ability to differentiate between a real mobile site and a fake one? Lookout have created a canny quiz for to you to test your intuition against Lookout’s sophisticated system. Try it here.

For more information about using Lookout yourself, you can download the app from your AppStore or GoogleApps on your device – or head to the Lookout website to explore their packages for small businesses and personal use. Lookout also offer a free 90 day trial, worth checking that out.

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