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Security Beyond The Perimeter

July 7, 2020

The use of cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way in which businesses think about IT. Offering more freedom and flexibility, organisations are continuing to move away from traditional perimeters in favour of migrating their data to the cloud.

In a post COVID-19 world, the ability to effectively work remotely has never been more critical. People must be able to work collaboratively, share files and communicate far beyond the four-walls of the office.

The concept of a network being confined within a building, and therefore easier to protect, is gone. For all the numerous benefits of cloud computing, security and threat prevention remain top concerns. As we have the ability to use the internet for work and play from the palm of our hands, mobile, app, and network attacks are becoming more mainstream.

Companies must rethink their approach to cloud security. At Core to Cloud, this is why we recommend Checkpoint to our clients – leaders in cyber security solutions.

Offering comprehensive security and advanced threat protection for public, private and multi-cloud environments, Checkpoint can defend against even the most sophisticated attacks.

How can we secure a network beyond the perimeter?

As an organisation’s network expands to include more devices and locations outside a perimeter or data centre, security becomes compromised. A personal mobile device used for work purposes, for instance, is at a much greater risk of being targeted, infected and breaching company data.

Many organisations are migrating to the cloud due to the advantages the cloud offers which include, flexibility, agility and cost savings. While cloud providers protect the cloud infrastructure and maintain services, it is up to each organisation to secure their data, workloads and assets in the cloud.

How can migrating your enterprise data centre to the cloud be done seamlessly, without compromising your security posture or compliance?

Check Point’s CloudGuard portfolio of cloud security solutions delivers comprehensive security, automated compliance and advanced threat protection for public, private and multi-cloud environments to keep enterprise data, assets and SaaS applications free from even the most sophisticated attacks. Our CloudGuard portfolio includes:

  • CloudGuard IaaS – provides advanced threat prevention for enterprise networks in public and private clouds
  • CloudGuard Dome9 – offers comprehensive network security and compliance orchestration across AWS, Azure and GCP public clouds
  • CloudGuard SaaS – prevents targeted attacks on SaaS applications and cloud-based email

If you want to find out just how secure your current system is, our friends over at Checkpoint are offering a FREE cloud health check! Not only that, if you fancy testing your knowledge on Cloud security check out our latest quiz and be in with a chance of winning an Amazon voucher.


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