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Learn how to Identify Threats, Secure Your Data and Reduce Risks


Date: 14th September

Time: 3pm – 4pm


Data privacy is critical for every organisation, not just from the threat of potentially being fined but also from brand reputation and a customer’s trust in the business. Over the years PAM software has evolved from simply vaulting passwords to using proxy servers to handle those vaulted passwords, resulting in blurred lines between the distinction of Privileged Account Management and Privileged Access Management.

Despite this important change, the issue remains that there are many standing accounts in any network that have admin or other elevated privileges resulting in potential attacks.

So, what can we do to alleviate these problems with traditional PAM? The only way to solve the issue of standing privilege is to remove the privilege entirely when it’s not actively being used – and this is where Ephemeral Accounts come into play.

As businesses we must ensure the privacy of all our sensitive data we process and store.


But what’s the best path to achieving that goal?

Join this webcast to learn

  • What the essentials of data privacy include and why it all starts with data security
  • How to ensure you can satisfy the data subject access request (DSAR) requirements of data privacy laws
  • How to automate privacy by design
  • How to defend against risks to data privacy, including credential abuse and data theft.

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Phil Howe

Phil Howe

Phil has worked in IT since ’98 starting in the private sector and moving into the NHS in 2003. Phil has worked in the NHS for 17 years and has continued his self development and moved up within roles delivering on key strategies and technical projects.