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The Floow

Give you the gift of sight

The Floow is a world-leader in telematics data management. Founded in 2012, the goal was to make vehicles safer, smarter, and cheaper for all by utilising data and social sciences in ways that could change driver behaviour and lower risks on the road. Today, The Floow is a trusted provider of telematics data services to some of the world’s leading insurers, delivering actionable insights into driver behaviour from an economic, safety, and environmental perspective.

Core to Cloud Ltd | LinkedIn

Consultancy for the planning and implementation of sustainable security strategies that meet expectation, embrace innovation and build foundations for secure digital business. Why Core to Cloud? We deliver solutions that help organisations to discover, defend and respond to the latest security threats on the horizon and to also ensure compliance.

“A digital economy can’t be sustained if it’s not secure and, as more operational activities migrate to the digital space, everything a business does relies on security and how it performs.” Read the latest Blog by James Cunningham, link below.

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