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The threat no one likes to talk about: Insiders

The threat no one likes to talk about: Insiders

June 10, 2020

Disgruntled employees, those bribed by competitors, anyone who finds fault within your organisation – they are the biggest threat to your company’s security. We’ve talked before about how human error is one of the biggest causes of security breaches… but what if that human action was intentional? It’s much harder to rack a deliberate insider breach, than an external, foreign one.

But not anymore.

One of the reasons we like working with Securonix is because they are always thinking one step ahead. Whether it’s due to poor cyber hygiene or deliberate negligence, businesses are at risk from insiders more so now than ever before. With cloud platforms enabling staff to work from home, data is harder to track if it goes array. Insider Threat is Securonix’ answer to this ever expanding issue.

So, what can it do?

  • Threat detection and management: Using purpose-built data correlation, enrichment, and analytics, Insider Threat detects not only high-risk users but also high-risk activities, access, and events.
  • Threat visibility: Detailed intelligence exposes threats and vulnerabilities so they can be dealt with. From predictive threat detection to a turnkey threat response management team, the impact of any breach can be reduced efficiently.
  • Protection against a range of threats: IT sabotage, data compromise and insider fraud are all very real consequences of an insider threat. Insider Threat’s analysis stops malicious activity without impeding trusted insiders.

And in real terms?

Insider Threat helps our customers to reveal instances of potential data theft (within a few hours of being installed), exposes compromised accounts (which will not be picked up on otherwise, due to the stealth nature of these infiltrations), and highlights privilege abuse (where privileged users are handing out sensitive information or granting access when inappropriate to do so).

It’s hard for businesses to express concerns about insider threats, without casting suspicion on their own staff – which can turn happy staff into disgruntled staff pretty quickly. We understand this and recommend that employers read Securonix’ whitepaper dedicated to this issue. Of course, not all insider threats are a case of employees intentionally damaging a company.

In the current remote working environment, accounts are far easier to compromise, without employees even knowing that their account is undertaking malicious activities – this is the key thing to express to anyone that needs justification.

Do you feel that your workforce is totally safe from being hi-jacked? Could your current infrastructure stand up to an insider attacker? No?

For more resources, check out our latest ebook on Securing your business, get in touch with Alex for more information on Securonix.

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