The unique difference Cylera makes in medical security

‘Built with hospitals, for hospitals’, Cylera solves the complex cybersecurity challenges that hospitals face.

Cylera has built a next-gen healthcare IoT (HIoT) cybersecurity and intelligence platform. The groundbreaking technology has been specifically created for hospitals, which separates it from every other IoT security company in the world.

It protects and manages the complete healthcare environment including connected medical devices, operational technology, and IoT devices. Delivering 360-degree visibility, insight, and protection for all managed or unmanaged connected devices, Cylera is transforming the cybersecurity landscape in healthcare.

What makes Cylera unique?

  • Medical devices are fragile and can’t be scanned in real-time due to the risk of taking them out of service while in use on patients. Cylera is the only vendor that learns the behaviour of each medical device and creates a virtual ‘digital twin’ of each device. This means customers are notified in real-time of unusual user behaviour, vulnerabilities, threats and outdated firmware without any disruption to patient care.
  • Cylera automatically identifies Zero-Day devices and Zero-Day protocols. In other words, if a new and unknown medical, OT or IoT device is dropped onto the network, Cylera is the only vendor that will identify it and proactively notify the customer about the device and its physical location. No other vendor can provide this level of visibility and protection.
  • Cylera benefits medical device engineering by providing deep medical device utilization analytics, which can be used to optimise patient scheduling and medical device maintenance.

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

This year, Dartford and Gravesham (DGT) NHS Trust announced that it would be partnering with Cylera to safeguard its medical device and IoT infrastructure.

As one of the key hospital trusts in North Kent, England, DGT provides acute and outpatient services for a local population of 500,000 people. The trust recognised the need to identify and secure against medical and IoT cybersecurity risks as a top priority. Thanks to Cylera and its unique integration with The AbedGraham Group’s clinical risk analysis platform, the trust is now able to examine and quantify real-time risks to patient safety and clinical services, and optimise workflows and devices, all in one streamlined platform.

The key features

  •  Cylera delivers visibility, insights, and protection for all connected medical devices – both managed and unmanaged.
  • It will give you detailed information on when devices are being used as well as how long they are in operation.
  • It provides real-time device location information based on its connectivity.
  • It will prioritise how key the device is to your organisation around clinical, organisational and financial impact as well as regulatory compliance.
  • It passively delivers real-time inventory, risk and vulnerability analysis, risk mitigation and segmentation, threat detection and response, and device utilization and analytics.
  • It leverages existing IT and security tools to share data, alerts, and actions for incident response, IT operations, and other workflows.
  • Powered by artificial intelligence, Cylera has a comprehensive understanding of device protocols, behaviours, and research.
  • The last few years have seen an influx of innovative technologies being used in healthcare, especially since the advent of the pandemic.

However, while these technologies streamline healthcare processes, they also invite a multitude of risks. Ineffective cybersecurity isn’t just an IT issue, it’s a patient safety issue. It’s time for the healthcare sector to implement game-changing cybersecurity frameworks to deliver exceptional healthcare in a digital world.

To learn more about how Cylera helps protect infrastructure, medical devices and patient data within the NHS, join us on March 21st for our latest Virtual NHS Event. 

  • Format: Virtual Event
  • Time: 11.30 – 1.30PM

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