The Vectra Vision: AI-driven threat detection and response

Contrary to popular belief, cybersecurity breaches aren’t always caused by sophisticated attacks. In many cases, they happen as a result of entirely avoidable mistakes, such as unauthorized employee use, negligence, and human error, like clicking on links in phishing emails or failing to update passwords.

As we rely more heavily on technology and data, we expose ourselves to a higher risk of breaches and cybersecurity compromises every day.

The problem? Many companies still don’t invest in adequate data security and cybersecurity. Too often, preventable breaches aren’t identified until damage has been done.

Today’s network traffic has evolved beyond the enterprise to include IoT devices, cloud-based applications and infrastructure. Continuous detection and analysis are critical to stopping breaches in their tracks.

This is why Vectra is a game-changer when it comes to threat detection and response.

What is Vectra?

Vecta is a visibility and real-time threat detection technology. It detects what ‘normal’ behaviour looks like and alerts users to any unusual activity. Offering full visibility, it shows exactly what is happening within a network - think of it like shining a torch around a dark room to expose threats lurking in the shadows. Users can see where data is being gathered, what activity is taking place, and stop attacks and breaches in their tracks.

Attackers go after data wherever it is stored. For many organisations, that data is migrating to the cloud. This rapid transition, accelerated by the pandemic, is happening faster than security teams can keep track of, risking the exposure of sensitive data.

Vectra’s job is to discover would-be attackers and breaches before damage is done, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

The Floow

The Floow is a world leader in telematics data management. Founded in 2012, the goal was to make vehicles safer, smarter, and cheaper for all by utilising data and social sciences in ways that could change driver behaviour and lower risks on the road.

It became apparent that The Floow needed to gain a more comprehensive understanding of its data management. With customers across five continents, all with different localised governance and compliance protocols, The Floow needed to ensure that it was adhering to strict data protection regulations across the board.

Before working with Core to Cloud, The Floow didn’t have a clear view of potential abnormalities on the network. The team was keen to identify if data was leaving local networks without authorisation but the existing security posture didn’t offer adequate visibility.

Upon investigation, the team recognised Vectra as the most promising technology that could meet their needs.

Thanks to Vectra’s user-friendly interface, the team was able to gain a clear picture of what activity was taking place on the network. It made large amounts of data easy to comprehend, providing immediately actionable insights. This meant that potential anomalies could be identified and resolved with a much faster turnaround time, without the expert intervention of a large and costly security team.

Are you keen to find out more about how Vectra could protect your organisation? Check out our latest podcast episode here.

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