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‘Built with hospitals, for hospitals’, Cylera solves the complex technological and operational cybersecurity challenges that hospitals face. It’s the only centralised cybersecurity solution that protects the entire connected healthcare IoT environment.


  •  Protects and manages the complete healthcare IT environment including connected medical devices, operational technology, and IoT devices.
  • Delivers 360-degree visibility, insight, and protection for all managed or unmanaged connected devices, so users have a comprehensive record of devices on the network.
  • Identifies and quantifies connected device risks, pinpointing vulnerable devices and their clinical use cases. These devices are ranked based on tangible threats to patient safety and care delivery.
  • Has scalable, clinical-grade technology to support dense, high-traffic and multi-site deployments.
  • Poses zero impact on existing systems and processes during deployment or ongoing operation, so users don’t need to worry about disruptions to patient care.
  • Thanks to real-time threat detection, it quarantines hostile threats with industry-leading accuracy rates.

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Securing what matters most healthcare devices ensuring patient safety

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of the healthcare industry and is helping healthcare organisations to adapt to the new reality and offer effective patient care. Now, virtual healthcare tools have been widely implemented to improve healthcare delivery and quality, reduce costs, increase care efficiency, and boost revenue. 

The unique difference Cylera makes in medical security

‘Built with hospitals, for hospitals’, Cylera solves the complex cybersecurity challenges that hospitals face.

Cylera has built a next-gen healthcare IoT (HIoT) cybersecurity and intelligence platform. The groundbreaking technology has been specifically created for hospitals, which separates it from every other IoT security company in the world.

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