Test your cybersecurity round the clock

Pentera simulates the thoughts, movements, and actions of a skilled team of hackers. If a weakness is found, users are alerted and the system fixes it – 365 days a year, 24/7.


  •  Continuously monitors and tests your cybersecurity controls
  • Provides a complete view of the company’s attack surface and security gaps
  • Dramatically reduces the attack surface to close security gaps
  • Can schedule scans as often as you like
  • Fully automated – you can leave Pentera to run tests in the background, requiring little to no intervention
  • The software is constantly updated to keep up with the latest hacker techniques
  • Reduces cybersecurity risk – you can stress-test your current security stack without changing, deleting, encrypting data
  • Alerts you to security weaknesses before the hacker finds them
  • Allows you to educate your staff about the mistakes that cause security gaps (i.e. weak passwords)
  • Offers prioritised remediation – you’re alerted to the most critical security gaps first so you’re not inundated with unimportant notifications
  • Clear, user-friendly platform
  • Easy to deploy

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Pcysys – Your very own hacker in your pocket

Imagine having a skilled expert-hacker at your disposal. Imagine asking them to examine your company’s IT infrastructure for weaknesses that a malicious hacker would use to gain entry. Now imagine that your personal hacker could stay awake 365 days a year, performing tests 24/7. That’s how Pcysys protects you.

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