Protect your credentials and data

STEALTHbits not only protects an organisation’s sensitive data, but the credentials used to access that data. It removes inappropriate data access, enforces security policies, and detects advanced threats.


  • Protects the credentials and data a hacker would target and exploit
  • Identifies abnormal behaviour
  • Identifies and eliminates weak passwords
  • Detects modern threats against Active Directory in real-time
  • Offers a sophisticated, five-layered security approach, which is more holistic than most providers
  • Helps you adhere to compliance standards with detailed reporting
  • Thanks to scalable architecture, STEALTHbits is well-equipped to protect the world’s largest, most complex environments
  • Provides bulk remediation and automated responses, which increases operational efficiency while reducing costs
  • Reduces the threat surface to improve an organisation’s security posture and ability to defend against attacks
  • Enforces minimal access privileges to ensure privacy requirements are met, security is increased, and operational burdens are reduced.

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Protecting credentials, protects data.

In the age of data theft, we’re very focused on building secure structures and processes around the housing in which our data is stored. What Stealthbits points out is that it’s not just about the data storage being safe… it’s about the safety and security of the credentials that supply access to it.

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The cybersecurity titans have joined forces to create a data protection super force.

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What is effective governance? How do you protect your organisation’s most sensitive data?

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