Stop attackers in their tracks

Vectra is a major leader in the NDR (Network Detection and Response) space. Vectra’s job is to discover would-be attackers and breaches before damage is done, whether on-premises or in the cloud


  • Sees everything on your network and learns what’s normal
  • Provides the fastest and most efficient way to find attacks in the cloud, data centre, IoT, and enterprise networks
  • Can spot the earliest signs of ransomware activity
  • Identifies threats with razor-sharp precision
  • Provides focused alerts, offering minimal disruption and noise
  • Offers visibility on-premise and cloud, including Office 365
  • Does not require decryption
  • Does all the heavy lifting for you, presenting reports in a readable fashion
  • Can be integrated with Microsoft ATP, SPLUNK, CrowdStrike, and Cybereason to name a few.
  • Microsoft is the biggest customer of Vectra and does NOT overlap with its security
  • Vectra recently partnered with Pentera. You can now run regular pen-tests using this technology to see how well Vectra is performing
  • Vectra has a clean, user-friendly interface – nothing is more than a couple of clicks away

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