In the digital economy, you can’t protect what you can’t see. Time for Cybersecurity Visibility

In cybersecurity, seeing is protecting. Before you can protect your devices, connection or data, you need to know that they exist.

Visibility is about knowing what you need to protect and what it should be protected against, as well as identifying hidden threats in your IT environment.

Why is visibility important in cybersecurity?

As IT environments become increasingly complex, with more and more devices accessing a network, companies must understand where these devices are located and what they’re being used for.

Let’s say you have a server, several laptops and countless smartphones and IoT devices connected to your network. To protect your environment, you need to understand the functions of these devices, who’s using them, and what they’re doing in real-time. If a cybersecurity breach arises, you need to see exactly what’s happening on the network so you can pinpoint and rectify the issue in an instant.

You can see

Deep Scan and
focused alerts

Visibility of
Cloud assets,

An aerial view
seeing everything
that is happening
in your network

Obtain a
complete view of
where data exists
and who has

Discover where
sensitive data

adaptive data
type analysis –
identifying Zero
Day devices and


Discover and
remediate open
access to
sensitive data

Prevent emails
senior members
of staff

Scanning of IoT
and medical
devices without
affecting the

Inventory of HioT
devices with
actionable insight
and alerts

Endpoint alerts
clearly showing
evidence &

Looking for
patterns and
including those
specific to your

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At Core to Cloud, we’re here to give you the lowdown on visibility and protecting your IT environment. With a consultative approach, we’ll discuss our vendors in detail to identify a bespoke solution for your organisation.


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