Achieve Infinite Potential with Extreme Networks

The pandemic highlighted weaknesses within our existing networks. In a post-pandemic world, there have been enormous amounts of business change and growth in order to succeed and now it is more apparent than ever that you need to be able to evolve.

Extreme networks allows you to make the most out of your network and connect with users wherever they are giving you freedom and the opportunity to ensure business continuity no matter what happens next (we definitely didn’t schedule the pandemic within our yearly events, did you?)

It is time for you to “achieve infinite potential by becoming an infinite enterprise with Extreme Networks”

Traditional networks revolve around centres such as schools or institutions, but the future revolves around connectivity that happens everywhere and for everyone. The cloud makes this possible, allowing your business to lead from anywhere. Extreme networks are built for the people that use them, allowing you to understand your customers and let them connect with you the way they want to.

How can Extreme Networks be used within the sports industry?

Driving top-line revenue is a priority for every venue owner. Extreme networks can support his endeavour by enhancing the experience of today's consumers alongside improving and facilitating the venue's operations through a fast and secure network. High capacity WIFI and Network analytics not only ensure the fans through the door can stay connected, but you understand in more depth what they connect with.

This knowledge can allow you to pivot and adapt quickly creating an even more memorable experience within your venue. Manchester United collaborated with Extreme Networks to access opportunities to deliver next-generation digital services to fans on matchdays and visitors throughout the year.

As with anything an increase in those that rely on any network causes enhanced security issues and increased pressure on existing infrastructures. Extreme Networks lower these risks as they deliver a secure option which meets the increased digital and mobile demands of today's fans while keeping them safe.

Keeping things safe and running smoothly is the goal of any venue, with even a small disruption having the potential to cause huge uproar and issues within any fan base. Extreme networks allows you to support critical venue assets and operations by understanding stadium and venue behaviours and people's preferences.

This data is important when trying to ensure a smooth experience and the flow of traffic within the venue. As well as keeping everything running there is a higher demand by fans and visitors to have an enhanced digital experience.

“Fan expectations and demands for technology-driven experiences are evolving, and it’s our job to fulfil those expectations every game day” Michelle McKenna, Chief Information Officer, National Football League.

The sports industry needs to stay ahead of the curve to fulfil these expectations from fans, and by partnering with innovative technology such as Extreme Networks you can begin to get ahead.

The analytics and data that Extreme Networks can provide also allow you to make informed marketing and business decisions that are based on the true actions and expectations of your fan bases. Through these decisions, you can create a truly unique and memorable brand experience that will ensure your fans stay engaged and excited about their experiences with you.

If you’d like to learn more about Extreme Networks, get in touch with a member of our technical team today or check out our blog here!

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