Who do we work with?

Working with various sectors, we devise bespoke cybersecurity solutions that make your organisation safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.

You're probably wondering how we help organisations.

We deliver solutions that help organisations to discover, defend and respond to the latest security threats while ensuring compliance. By turning cybersecurity into a competitive advantage, we remove the constraints that limit performance while keeping your most critical infrastructure safe and secure.

Why is cybersecurity posture important?

Cybersecurity posture refers to the overall strength of your organisation’s ability to predict, prevent and respond to cyber threats. There are four key areas that maintain a strong cybersecurity posture (see below).

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You might be wondering is Core to Cloud right for me?


Core to Cloud is right for you:

✓  If your business has more than 100 employees
✓  If your business is based in the UK or the Nordics
✓  If you are looking for hands-on support with Cyber Security

What pain points do we help solve for your business?


We help you to understand what you need to protect and what it should be protected against, as well as identify hidden threats in your IT environment. We give you insight with focused alerts from your core devices, network and the cloud.


We give you the tools to continually test and optimise your IT security. Whilst making sure your staff and their systems are ready to respond to the next threat. Continuous security validation gives you a 24/7 level of visibility and control.


To effectively safeguard your IT environment, cybersecurity decision-making must happen at all levels. We’ll ensure your team is educated to protect your data, your credentials, and your systems.


In the event of a breach or cybersecurity attack, you need an organised approach to manage the aftermath. We give you the control to take action where needed and to automate and neutralise threats.

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