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Using innovative and intuitive systems, we offer bespoke solutions, prioritising your organisation’s cybersecurity.

We work towards your goals; we prioritise cybersecurity, compliance, and cloud-based tech. Our partners provide innovative cybersecurity solutions aligned with your pain points. We help to educate our clients and others about the importance of maintaining best practices through webinars, training, and social media, which can be found in our resources tab above.


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Providing You Visibility

For healthcare protection...choose Cylera

Cylera solves the complex technological and operational cybersecurity challenges that hospitals face.

Delivering end-to-end secure cloud management platform.

Extreme Networks delivers flexible and secure cloud-driven networking solutions to advance its customers’ digital transformation.

Cyber Crime Underground Monitoring

Investigating the darkest corners of the Cyber Crime Underground, providing alerts and insights into potential threats to your business.

Shine a light on your multi-cloud environment

This innovative data-driven cloud security is designed to create prioritised protection right from build to run time.

Autonomous AI Endpoint Security Platform

SentinelOne is a comprehensive enterprise security platform that protects against ransomware and other malware threats.

Stop attackers in their tracks with Vectra

Vectra’s job is to discover potential attackers and breaches before damage is done, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Shine a Light on your Multi Cloud Environment

Monitor identity, endpoint,
network and cloud-based
activity to stop threats
as soon as they occur.

Securing SaaS Environments with AppOmni

Deliver centralised visibility, configuration management,
and threat detection across every
type of SaaS application.

Protect your entire attack surface

Protect your attack surface with accurate threat detection and prevention. Unified management of risks and vulnerabilities.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3...

Validating your Cybersecurity

Proactive attack surface protection that stops breaches

Discovering previously unknown or undetected assets, prioritise risk, and speed up remediation by revealing your entire exposed attack surface.

Security Misconfiguration Management

Gytpol is a unique tool that offers instant remediation across your entire infrastructure, ensuring your devices are secure.

Continuously build and prove your Cyber Resilience

An interactive exercising platform that identifies knowledge gaps and builds resilience across all risk points in an organisation.

The Quickest...

Response to Cyber Threats

Securing your inbox against the cyber threats

Discover Abnormal’s
AI-based security platform that lets you put email security on autopilot. Sit back, and relax...

Managed Detection & Response tailored to your needs

Our XDR platform empowers security with incredible threat detection, analysis, and incident response capabilities.

Autonomous AI Endpoint Security Platform

Unite endpoint, cloud, and identity threat protection with an XDR integration library for a seamless and efficient experience.

Your Autonomous Integrated Security Solution

Rest assured email, web, and cloud applications provide businesses with a secure and reliable means of operating in the digital world.

Compliance is Key!

Governance and Control

Secret Server - Privileged Access Management

IT landscapes become more complicated in the transition to hybrid environments fed by cloud technology.

Stop, wait a minute and listen. Enable Zero Trust

Stop breaches from spreading. Shine a light on breaches and ensure your environment remains safe and secure.

Protect your credentials and data with Netwrix

Protect sensitive data and credentials. Removing inappropriate data access, detect advanced threats.

Limitless Risk Management for your business

Streamline Your Risk and Compliance with Risk Cloud: Empowering Organisations for Smarter Governance.

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