Stop, wait a minute and listen…

It is time to stop breaches from spreading. Spreading across clouds, data centres, containers, hybrid IT environments and end points. Illumio can shine a light on such breaches and ensure your environment remains safe and secure.

Enable Zero Trust

No one can be trusted until they are verified. This holistic and strategic approach to security allows you as an organisation to quickly quarantine compromise systems. You also have the option to implement granular controls to ensure that you continuously lower the risk for attacks.

There is even the option to speed up your response to any issues with automated alerts!


A recent Forrester study found that Illumio's zero-trust segmentation platform delivered a total benefit of £8.2m over three years for a composite organisation. The study also found that Illumio paid for itself in six months.

Here’s a breakdown of Illumio’s micro-segmentation solution

A New buzzword has spread like wildfire across the cyber scene: Segmentation. Zero Trust Architecture. An ingenious concept designed to prevent lateral movement across a network. So allow us to introduce Illumio. The policy-based approach to segmentation, providing granular control over network traffic, limiting the potential damage caused by cyber-attacks. Their innovative platform also provides real-time visibility into network activity, helping organisations to quickly detect and respond to security incidents. Securing your network from the inside out.

Illumio is a perfect solution to satisfy new Zero Trust Architecture requirements for cyber insurance. Illuminate the dark, stop breaches from spreading with Illumio.

Forrester Report: Best Practices For Zero Trust Micro-segmentation

Forrester provides best practices for deploying a successful Zero Trust micro-segmentation project.

How Illumio works:


The ability to act within minutes

The longer the attacker has access to your system, the more damage that is done. With Illumio you can contain ransomware within minutes, and stop the issue from spreading. As Illumio works within your systems you can also begin to identify areas of high risk and build long term solutions for protection. This platform really has got your back.

Be stronger, together...

Ilumio is your front line defense against any breach. When you actively stop the spread by isolating high value assets you can sleep peacefully (Which is all top of our self care list, right?)

Integration is key

Illumio can be integrated with a variety of other security tools and platforms, making it easier for organisations to manage their security posture.

Segment your network: Protect your Crown Jewels

Segment your network to minimise organisational risk, maintain your operational functionality in the event of a breach. Be that your geographical location or subsidiaries - enable zero trust.

What makes it unique?

Application dependency mapping: The platform enables organisations to map out the patterns and dependencies within their applications, which can help identify potential security risks.
Scalability: With Illumio we can scale to protect large and complex environments, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
Adaptive segmentation: Unlike many traditional network segmentation applications, which can be static and inflexible, Illumio allows for dynamic and adaptive segmentation. This means that security policies can be automatically adjusted based on changes in the network environment.
Visualisation: Illumio provides a visual representation of the network environment and security policies, making it easier for security teams to understand and manage the network.
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