Cyber Crime Underground Monitoring

KELA scans the Dark web to identify specific threats targeting its clients. It maps the most relevant attack vectors and leak sources, identifying leaked IT systems and topology, employee information, user credentials, and product vulnerabilities.

This targeted cyber intelligence enables KELA users to gain an external view of their position and vulnerabilities, helping them to prevent data breaches at the earliest possible moment.

Automated attack surface intelligence – 100% automatic delivery of targeted attack surface intelligence
Real-time alerts – Proactively take action on intelligence to eliminate immediate risks
Targeted and actionable intelligence – Monitor specific assets to receive only targeted and actionable intelligence
Maintain a reduced attack surface – Efficient detection of dark web threats helps users maintain a reduced attack surface
Seamless integration – Easily integrates with other security technologies
Simple configuration – Simple to use and quick deployment for immediate monitoring of assets

Threat Detection in the Dark

Kelly and KELA Debunk Hollywood movie myths with this latest episode of CyberBox!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How has the Dark web changed in recent years?

3. Why is it important to look externally to your company?

5. Who should be using KELA?

2. Why is it important to monitor the Dark web and cyber criminals?

4. What does KELA do?

Is cybercrime really a threat?

Seems like a strange question really, but is cybercrime really a threat?

This is something that all organisations need to address and hold at the core of their current and future security solutions. The threat of a cyber-attack increases daily and compared to 2021 there has been a 50% rise in organisations suffering significant loss of data within attacks, and it is only going to continue to rise.  


An increasing worry for organisations is the potential that the stolen data will be sold online within cybercrime forums or on dark web platforms. Even though these are emerging, and persistent threats only around half have a documented cybercrime threat intelligence policy in place.   


KELA is aiming to combat this with its mission to “provide 100% actionable intelligence on threats emerging from the cybercrime underground to support cybercrime prevention”. It’s one platform that gives you the security to understand what is happening with your organisation's data and where it can be found.  


KELA dug deep into the idea that we should all be more aware of cybercrime and where our data may end up. You may not even realise your data was stolen, and this highlights the need for an increase in the use of dark web monitoring. Would you be surprised to find your organisation's private data on the web? After a moment you may come to the realisation that it is more of a possibility than you realise. In response to that, would you know how to find it if it was there? Your answer here may be no, but KELA’s all-in-one monitoring platform can give you the increased visibility you require.

An increase in awareness of this rather mysterious space on the web will also allow security teams to better understand threat trends and how to stay ahead of potential issues. To do this you need to ensure that you have the right tools in place to conduct dark web monitoring and investigate potential breaches. KELA stands out in this area with its understandable reporting and easy-to-use platform, making it a clear choice to add to your monitoring processes.  


Most dark web monitoring is also outsourced to an external provider, increasing the disconnection from this process with your organisation. Bringing this back to an internal process allows your IT team to be more connected to the outcome of this  monitoring, ensuring there is no misunderstanding of it’s importance and you have a fully rounded cyber security solution.


Those that wish to steal your data within the dark web don’t make it easy for us… This is an ever-changing environment that can be a challenge even to the most dedicated and motivated IT team. Having increased access and visibility to this section of the web gives you the opportunity to gather intelligence quickly so you can act accordingly.  



What challenges are we facing?  


As the challenge to stay ahead of cyber criminals increases, we need to be more proactive rather than reactive. This includes being more aware of potential threats within these complex environments such as the dark web.  


When we look back to even 5 years ago the challenges we face now are increasingly more complex, requiring organisations to have dedicated platforms and solutions such as KELA.

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