Security Configuration Management & GPO Validation at your fingertips

Instantly remediate your misconfigurations with zero impact…

GYTPOL is a cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionise the way your business manages your security configurations. With its comprehensive security configuration management (SCM) solution, GYTPOL empowers your business to proactively identify and address misconfigurations that pose potential risks and vulnerabilities to your endpoints and servers. By doing so, it strengthens your defence against potential cyberattacks while ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

80% of successful ransomware attacks start with breaches due to misconfigurations with software and devices (Source: Microsoft)

Here’s a breakdown of GYTPOL’s security solution:

Protect your devices with Gytpol, an advanced tool that offers immediate remediation. It verifies the correct application of GPOs, aligns with the Mitre framework, and streamlines remediation. Gytpol is cost-effective and guarantees the safety and compliance of your infrastructure. Give it a try today for effortless security.

Security risks due to misconfigurations are a major pain-point for all organisations. Over 80% of ransomware attacks are attributable to misconfigurations.

Security Configuration Management White Paper

Here’s how GYTPOL works:


Ensuring security baselines are secure with the latest hardening requirements


Validating Group Policies are applied on all endpoint devices


Continuous audit and healing for regulatory compliance on all devices (CIS, NIS, Cyber Essentials + more)


Remediation of Zero Days without patching (where possible)

What makes GYTPOL unique?

Gytpol stops breaches, reduces risk and saves organisation significant time and cost.
Gytpol also integrates with SIEM with API access for third-party applications.
The dashboard is easy to use and intuitive.
Deployed as either a SaaS or On-Premises, Gytpol Validator will monitor, detect and remediate misconfigurations on Windows, Linux and Mac Devices (IoT support coming in 2023), whether they are connected to the network or working from home remotely.
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