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Streamline Your Risk and Compliance with Risk Cloud: Empowering Organisations for Smarter Governance

Limitless Risk Management

Risk Cloud is a powerful tool built for organisations seeking to optimise their risk management, improve their security posture and comply with various regulations.

Looking for a powerful GRC platform to help you manage risk, comply with regulations, and improve your overall security posture, then Risk Cloud is an excellent option for your business.

Here’s a quick breakdown of LogicGate Risk Cloud

Are you tired of struggling with scattered spreadsheets and missed opportunities in risk management? LogicGate Risk Cloud is the ultimate solution you've been searching for! Look no further! LogicGate Risk Cloud is here to revolutionise your approach to risk management, ensuring your business remains ahead of potential threats and maximises opportunities to succeed. With Risk Cloud, you can automate risk assessments and instantly receive alerts when risks exceed acceptable levels. This means you'll be able to make informed decisions faster and with greater confidence. With Risk Cloud, you gain access to a powerful, all-in-one risk management platform that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows. Empower your organisation and transform the way you manage risks. Take control, unlock new opportunities, and protect your future. Request a demo today and embark on a journey towards comprehensive risk management excellence with LogicGate Risk Cloud.

According to a survey conducted by LogicGate, businesses that implemented a comprehensive risk management solution reported a 48% reduction in the time spent on risk-related activities and a 36% improvement in overall risk visibility. This demonstrates the significant impact that an advanced risk management platform can have on streamlining processes, enhancing visibility, and driving efficiency in risk management practices.

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How LogicGate works:


Risk assessment

LogicGate's Risk Cloud platform provides a variety of tools for risk assessment, including risk identification, risk prioritisation, and risk scoring.

Risk mitigation

LogicGate's Risk Cloud platform provides a variety of tools for risk mitigation, including risk controls, risk treatment plans, and risk monitoring.

Compliance Management

LogicGate's Risk Cloud platform provides a variety of tools for compliance management, including regulatory intelligence, compliance risk assessment, and compliance reporting.

Reporting and Analytics

LogicGate's Risk Cloud platform provides a variety of reporting and analytics tools that can help organisations track their risk management progress and identify areas for improvement.

What makes LogicGate unique to it's competitors?

User-Friendly Interface: LogicGate Risk Cloud boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies complex risk management processes. The platform is designed with user experience in mind, making it accessible and easy to navigate for both risk management professionals and stakeholders across the organisation.
Configurability and Flexibility: LogicGate Risk Cloud offers extensive configurability, allowing organisations to tailor the platform to their specific risk management needs. From risk categories and assessment criteria to workflows and reporting, users have the freedom to customize and adapt the system to align with their unique requirements.
Collaboration and Workflow Automation: The platform fosters collaboration and automates workflows. LogicGate Risk Cloud enables seamless communication, task assignment, and progress tracking, ensuring efficient collaboration among team members. Automated notifications and reminders keep stakeholders engaged and accountable, promoting a streamlined risk management process.
Scalability and Growth Support: LogicGate Risk Cloud is designed to support organizations of all sizes. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, the platform scales effortlessly to accommodate your growing risk management needs. LogicGate Risk Cloud provides the flexibility to expand and adapt as your organization evolves.
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