Monitor identity, endpoint, network and cloud-based activity to stop threats as soon as they occur

AI-driven threat detection platform

SenseOn’s AI-driven threat detection platform is designed to help organisations reduce costs, minimise alert fatigue, and enhance their overall security posture. Cutting-edge AI triangulation technology ensures data is collected at the telemetry source within the infrastructure. The platform delivers more accurate data analysis and threat management, eliminating alert overload and noise.

“We just put SenseOn in and let it flow. There was minimal time for implementation. Nothing we’ve ever put in has shown value so quickly. We have gone from not having a security team, to having a security team as a result of SenseOn.” - Matt Blee, Cyber Security Manager, Yeo Valley

Here’s a breakdown of SenseOn's security solution:

SenseOn is an AI-powered threat detection and response tool that consolidates key technologies like NDR, EDR, EPP and AV into a single platform eliminating the need for multiple point products in your cyber stack. The platform streamlines data analysis from multiple sources, reducing noise and enhancing accuracy. Customers are choosing SenseOn to cut through the noise, combat real-time alert fatigue and achieve cost efficiencies.

At least 30% of businesses have suffered a breach that cost them more than £800,000 in the past three years, according to a PWC report.

Automating the MITRE ATT&CK Framework with SenseOn

How SenseOn works:


AI Triangulation:

AI Triangulation assesses trust and risk for every element, providing causal insights and automated protection across your estate.

Universal Sensor:

The Universal Sensor combines identity, endpoint, and network interactions to enable efficient, large-scale data collection.

Dramatically reduce workload:

SenseOn removes the burden of mundane, repetitive work; so security and IT professionals can enjoy more fulfilling careers by enabling an autonomous, intelligent and secure digital world.

User Behavior Analytics:

By analysing user behaviour, SenseOn can detect deviations from normal patterns, helping identify potential insider threats or compromised accounts.

What makes SenseOn unique to the competition?

Traditional network security tools are inadequate for cloud security or zero trust. SenseOn overcomes these limitations by inspecting network data packets across multiple devices, including cloud, remote and on-premise networks.
SenseOn is a plug-and-play software that provides value from day one, without any configuration needed.
Secure your endpoints with unified data collection, multiple detection approaches and autonomous response. SenseOn uses modern technologies to improve network security.
SenseOn uses various methods, including pattern, behavior, statistical, and anomaly-based detections, based on threat intelligence to protect your digital assets. Regularly update these detections in real-time to guard against emerging threats.
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