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Discover Abnormal’s risk-aware AI-based security platform that lets you put email security on autopilot.

Abnormal Security provinces everything you need for comprehensive email protection, detection and response. It stops the whole gamut of email attacks, with a unique focus on modern social engineering attacks. 

Only Abnormal can precisely block all socially-engineered and unwanted emails; both internal and external whilst simultaneously detecting and fixing compromised accounts.

We all know that email security isn’t something new. The humble email is almost an ancient form of communication in the world of tech and social media, yet “email remains the top communication tool for businesses around the world” (according to TAG).

Here’s a breakdown of Abnormal’s email security solution

An email cybersecurity platform that uses machine learning and behavioural analysis. Its three main pillars are protection against advanced email attacks, protection against impersonators, socially engineered attacks, credentials phishing, invoice, payroll fraud and malicious URLs and malware. Secondly, it identifies those compromised external accounts such as vendors and partners. These are trusted organisations and entities who, otherwise you have no control over. Finally, Abnormal prevents internal account takeover. It stops credential loss, prevents 2FA bypasses and the exploitation of any internal policies, rules or in-app vulnerabilities.

Did you know: 40% of cyber attacks start with an email?

Abnormal is a Gartner Recommended Solution, want to know why?

The latest IBM Cost of a Data Breach report highlighted that 19% of total data breaches are due to compromised and stolen credentials, resulting in £3.7 million in losses, and 40% of ransomware attacks start through email. You might be wondering how to best protect this integral communication channel from attackers… well Abnormal is our answer!

Here’s how Abnormal Security works:


Rapid Response to Imitation-Based Attacks

If a hacker is imitating a trusted source to steal money or confidential information from you, Abnormal will clamp down on that attempted attack at lightning speed.

Seamless Integration with Cloud Email Platforms

It integrates seamlessly into your existing cloud email platform. The software is built on top of Microsoft/Google APIs and can be implemented in under 5 minutes.

Empowering Security Teams with Advanced Tools

It arms security operation teams with the automation and tools to respond quickly and proactively to threats.

Anomaly Detection through Trustworthy Email Profiling

It profiles reliable, trustworthy email behaviour by analysing over 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from these baseline standards (e.g. tone and trusted email addresses).

What makes Abnormal unique?

Identity Aware technology collects and analyses thousands of attributes to create comprehensive profiles for every employee, vendor, application, and email tenant present in your system.
Using identity understanding and contextual norms, our system assesses the risk level of all events, including email messages and configuration changes, to provide a comprehensive risk analysis.
Continuously analysing the behaviour of identities in relation to each other, a context-aware solution identifies abnormal behaviour.
Providing complete protection and automated remediation against all types of inbound attacks while also offering visibility into risks associated with email platforms.

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