Censornet - Your Autonomous Integrated Security Solution

Empowering businesses to operate fearlessly in a digital world across email, web and cloud applications.

Smarter, Faster, Safer: Cybersecurity Beyond Human Capabilities

Censornet provides mid-market organisations with enterprise-grade cyber protection, leveraging machine learning and AI to process over a billion threats daily.

Censornet wins 'Best Cybersecurity Company' Awarded at the 2023 Cybersecurity & Resilience Awards.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Censornet…

Traditional security systems are being fast outpaced, Censornet has a cloud-native security posture fit for tomorrow with identity and data at its heart. Driven by an industry-leading AI engine, Censornet’s email, web, and cloud application security works seamlessly with powerful identity management and advanced data loss prevention. This integrated approach safeguards your entire attack surface, offering an autonomous response beyond mere alerts to proactively counter unexpected threats. This deep machine learning, the ability to identify and stop threats that enter from any channel before migrating to form a multi-channel cyberattack, saves the IT team from the time-consuming process of investigating minor alerts or false positives. Already trusted by thousands of organisations and millions of users, Censornet customers can respond on autopilot and react to the unexpected in one unified platform.

Censornet’s Email Security uses over 10,000 algorithms to analyse more than 130 variables from each email, offering near-zero false positives and high accuracy in threat detection.

Securing your Microsoft 365 environment

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Here's how Censornet works:


Cloud-Native Integration

Censornet's platform is cloud-native, seamlessly integrating email, web, and cloud application security with identity management. Deployment is quick and straightforward, requiring minimal changes to your existing infrastructure.

Autonomous Security Engine (ASE)

At the core of Censornet's offerings is the Autonomous Security Engine (ASE), which uses machine learning and AI to process over a billion daily threats. This enables real-time, automated responses to a wide range of cyber threats.

Multi-Channel Threat Detection

Censornet employs a multi-layered approach to detect threats across email, web, and cloud applications. This includes traditional threats like spam and malware and advanced threats like impersonation attacks and unknown malware variants.

Advanced-Data Loss Prevention

The platform offers enterprise-grade data loss prevention across email, web, and cloud applications. This real-time protection prevents sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands and ensures compliance with various regulations.

What makes Censornet unique?

Autonomous Multi-Channel Security: Censornet's Autonomous Security Engine (ASE) offers real-time, automated threat responses across email, web, and cloud applications, setting it apart from traditional, alert-driven security solutions.
Context-Aware Security Policies: Unlike traditional solutions that apply one-size-fits-all security policies, Censornet's platform can use context-aware policies based on user behaviour, location, and even time of day, offering a more nuanced and compelling security posture.
Advanced Behavioural Analysis: Behaviour and context are at the heart of Censornet. For example, Censornet's Email Security uses over 10,000 algorithms to analyse both in each email, resulting in unparalleled threat detection accuracy with near-zero false positives.
User-Centric Design: Censornet is designed to minimise user disruptions. For example, Censornet’s email security allows for user-managed safe and deny lists and customisable policies based on Active Directory group memberships, making it highly adaptable.
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