Securing SaaS Environments with AppOmni

Empower Your Business, Elevate Security, Unleash Efficiency

You can trust AppOmni to deliver centralised visibility, configuration management, and threat detection across every type of SaaS application.

AppOmni's Identity Fabric secures and manages end-users, entitlements, and threat-based access

Here’s a quick breakdown of AppOmni

AppOmni employs a comprehensive Identity Fabric that automates and secures SaaS data across all applications. This includes real-time response mechanisms, validation protocols, robust visibility features, and governance controls. AppOmni is a leading SaaS Security and SSPM platform offering state-of-the-art solutions for securing your SaaS data. Its Identity Fabric ensures a holistic approach to Response, Validation, Visibility, and Governance in the cloud.

Gartner forecasts global spending on public cloud services is poised to hit $678.8 billion in 2024, up from $563.6 billion in 2023.

Advanced SaaS Security Protection for Global B2B Information Services Firm

Delinian required a SaaS security solution to provide comprehensive visibility and actionable security insights into core SaaS apps, as well as third and fourth-party apps.

How AppOmni works:


Centralised Visibility:

AppOmni delivers centralised visibility into the usage and data access of SaaS environments, allowing businesses to monitor and manage their software-as-a-service applications effectively.

Security Trend Identification:

The platform identifies security trends, offering insights into potential risks and vulnerabilities within SaaS applications.

Threat Detection and Response:

AppOmni actively detects threats and facilitates immediate response measures, enhancing the overall security posture of SaaS environments.

Monitoring All SaaS Apps:

It enables businesses to monitor all their SaaS applications comprehensively, providing a holistic approach to security management.

What makes AppOmni unique to its competitors?

Comprehensive SaaS Security Focus: AppOmni stands out by specialising in SaaS security, offering a dedicated platform focused on securing and managing software-as-a-service environments.
Active Threat Detection and Response: AppOmni actively detects threats within SaaS applications and facilitates immediate response measures, enhancing overall security effectiveness in real-time.
Constant Feature Enhancements: AppOmni differentiates itself by continually adding features and integrations, ensuring that it stays at the forefront of evolving security requirements.
Holistic Security Scope: AppOmni offers a broad security scope, covering areas such as configuration and posture management, contributing to a comprehensive security posture for organisations.
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